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Most Important Thing I Ever Learned Empty Desks

The Most Important Thing I Ever Learned

The most important thing that I ever learned in my life is…

Most Important Thing I Ever Learned Empty DesksFirst let me narrow it down by saying that It is something I learned from over 20 years of meditation, probably thousands of hours of studying scholars, philosophers, history and religious leaders plus thousands of hours experimenting on myself.

I am consciousness.

It is the answer, solution and cure to everything, period.

It is the the ultimate reason, direction, destination and journey

You are consciousness, we are consciousness.

Knowing who you are is the keystone for knowing what you want, mastering your mind and consciously creating your dreams; fulfilling your purpose. 

Also, the people who are living their best lives are conscious, the people suffering the most are the least conscious.

Your next question should be: ok, how to be conscious?

I’m glad you asked because I explain everything you need to know in my Greater Powered Blueprint.

You can get it for FREE here:




Greater Powered Blueprint

Greater Powered Mass Movement and Mission

Greater Powered BlueprintMy mission is to start and facilitate a mass-movement of greater powered people; and to have fun while I’m doing it.
This is my new announcement and I’m kicking it off with a free report that describes how to leverage the infinite power and intelligence of the universe to help you create your unimaginable dream life.
I have named it GREATER POWERED: The BLUEPRINT for Manifesting Your Unimaginable Dream Life.

The Greater Powered Book

Here’s the funny thing: I’ve put this amazing system together that basically helps you quickly and easily improve your life. I call it GREATER POWERED: The ULTIMATE SYSTEM for Manifesting Your Unimaginable Dream Life and it’s literally the blueprint for self realization, mind mastery and mastering manifestation. But the funny part is that I don’t always take my own advice -at first.
If I find something in my life that is not working as I choose, I quickly understand I’m not following my own program. So, I leverage my system, correct what’s not working and then I’m done with it.
Currently, completion is a few more hurdles away. However, it needs editing and a few more paragraphs here and there.
But, it’s already been so effective in my life that I want to share it with everyone
So, I made it into a blueprint that anyone call follow. It’s a striped down version of the book and contains the same system just structured a bit differently.
I’m also planning on making it into a video training master class series. I’m working hard to complete it as soon as possible, though.
The blueprint is now available and contains 5 easily usable steps to help you overcome self destructive thoughts, beliefs and behavior so you can create and live the life you were truly meant to live.
It is short read but it is filled with practical and usable information. Much of which you have likely never been taught before.
You can learn more about it and/or download it for free at:

Invitation to Join the Movement

Besides getting access to some incredible, rarely shared, life changing information, I’d like you to join my mission and movement.
If you like the idea of consciously taking control of your mind to improve your reality and make the world a better place for all, then I want to team up with you.  
Also, I want to thank you in advance for caring and taking the time to do something positive for yourself and our world. Many will not use their opportunities to make the world better. I appreciate your help and you should be commended.
Again, go to; download your free copy and start manifesting your unimaginable dream life.
And, if it’s not too much and you like the blueprint, please help me spread the word. Remember, it’s my mission to start and facilitate a mass-movement of greater powered people.