The Three Intentful Corrections

The Three Intentful CorrectionsI’ve been doing the Qi Gong and the Three Intentful Corrections for a couple of decades now.

I swear by the benefits.

If you are unfamiliar, Qi Gong is a mind-body, healing, exercise, meditation practice. It’s like Yoga but different and the three Intentful Corrections are a foundational component of Qi Gong.

You may be more familiar with Tia Chi. Tia Chi is a derivative of Qi Gong.

Anyhow, the Three Intentful Corrections is said to distill the healing elixir within and promises healing on every level of our being.

“Minding the body and the breath, and then clearing the mind, distills the elixir within.” – Chinese Teacher

Basically, you will be consciously using you mind, body and breath to create balance and harmony in your mind, body and life.

As I said, I’ve been doing Qi Gong and the three intentful Corrections for probably 20 years or so and I rarely get sick.

I can’t even remember the last time I was sick. Sure, I get sniffles from time to time but never anything that would have me miss a day of work.

Can I say it’s all do to Qi Gong and the Three Intentful correction?

No, but…

I certainly believe it helps.

I would also add that meditation has been scientifically shown to have health and healing benefits. IMHO, meditation is like magnified sleep. It returns your body to homeostasis. Only meditation works better, faster and has numerous other benefits.

And, Qi Gong is a meditation.

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How to Do the Three Intentful Corrections

I learned about them from reading Roger Janke’s book The Healing Promise of Qi. There were many beneficial teachings in the book but this was my big take…

The three Intentful Corrections is basically 3 simple steps in my words.

  1. Adjust your body and spine
  2. Deepen your breath
  3. Clear your mind

Simple right?

Just do them as often as possible. Do them as many times a day as you can.

Here’s a video I just found on YouTube of Roger explaining what to do that I highly recommend watching.

The Three Intentful Corrections are one of many techniques I’ve learned and practiced over the years that I can use to help you improve any and every facet of your life.

If you’d like to minimize and/or eliminate the stress, struggle and suffering from your life, so that you can create and enjoy health, happiness, fulfillment and abundance, then check out my Accelerated Lifestyle Transformation Coaching Program and contact me ASAP.


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