3 Critical Keys to Spiritual Maturity

3 Keys to Spiritual Maturity ApplesMany are asking “what are the keys to spiritual maturity?”

One could interpret this question a few different ways, but I’ll explain it by giving you two of the most critical keys to spiritual maturity and then the real key.

Critical Keys to Spiritual Maturity

Know Who You Are

The first key is simply a basic understanding of who you truly are.

You are not your mind and/or body, you are the spirit.

Your spirit is your essential self: the conscious witness.

You can understand this, but you don’t believe it because you have competing beliefs that are stronger.

Those competing beliefs are that you are your mind. You identify with your mind including thoughts and beliefs.

This mis-identification is called ego.

You’ve been taught to identify with your mind and body all your life.

However, once you begin to understand that you are not your mind and are the conscious witness, you are what some would call “awakened”.

Now, you, the conscious you, can work on that which keeps you from developing spiritually. Namely, your mind.

Master Your Mind

Your mind has a few big issues to deal with.

First, it was programmed by your main caregivers and society when you were a child and incapable of discerning what got programmed. 

This programming started immediately after birth and psychology tells us that it’s around 12 years old before you develop complete control.

This means that most of your programming is now subconscious to you, the spiritual witness.

Next, is your mind’s constant activity. Jumping from topic to topic, the Chinese call this drunken monkey mind.

And, this is obviously not helpful to your spiritual maturity.

Third is your focus. Most people’s ability to focus is severely limited by constant distractions.

Most don’t even realize you can focus your mind from uncontrolled thinking to conscious non-thinking.

Conscious non-thinking is meditation. Contemplation and concentration are the steps in between.

These three issues are the biggest hurdles to mastering your mind.

Now, all of this may sound complicated or daunting to learn, but it’s not.

Spiritual Growth via Mind Mastery

Once you know who you truly are, you can begin to get control of your mind.

It actually takes less effort than the constant thinking that drains your energy and causes you to feel a bunch of low frequency emotions that you don’t want to feel. Think fear, doubt, anger, frustration, guilt, jealousy, shame…

By the way, there are also numerous health, well being and better living benefits to mastering your mind.

The biggest consequence of mastering your mind is spiritual growth but also you’ll be able to choose the reality that you create and how you feel.

You will be able to end stress, struggle and suffering for good.

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, I recommend you get the Greater Powered Advanced Training Program.

It’s the ultimate mind, body and spirit fitness system designed to help you quickly and easily self realize, master your mind and consciously create your best life.

If you want the fastest results with the least effort, then you should see if my coaching is right for you.

To close, in the beginning I told you that there were different ways to interpret the keys to spiritual maturity question. And, you’ve probably noticed I only gave you two keys so far. 

So, to give you the third and most correctly answer this question; you consciously choosing is the key to spiritual maturity.

If you never choose to grow spiritually, you won’t.

Your mind will keep you suffering and your spirit undeveloped if you let it.

Today, I’m asking you to gain the knowledge, skill and understanding and be the keys to spiritual maturity by choosing to take action towards better living.


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William Cassidy is an Spiritual Guide and Mindset Coach who specializes in self realization, mind mastery and conscious creation.

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