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Improve Your Wishing

Improve Your Wishing

When you wish for something, you are unknowingly reinforcing not having what you want.

Improve Your WishingYou are reinforcing the “lack” and increasing the likelihood of not attracting it into your life..

Instead of wishing for something, envision yourself already having that which you want.

See yourself enjoying it.

Use all of your senses and make it as real as possible. Feel the gratitude, especially.

When you are finished, ask for this or something better to unfold.

What you want will come to you much easier and faster.

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Simply Surrender; Forget the Object

“Surrender” is a severely misunderstood word and action.

SurrenderAnd interestingly enough, surrender is used most frequently with the objects “Jesus” and “police”.

One a “good” thing; the other, usually not…

But, most importantly, if you understand that surrendering doesn’t require an object, you have a tool in your mental arsenal that most don’t and won’t.

No offense to anyone, but the reason surrendering to Jesus is so effective, is less about Jesus and more about the surrendering.

Specifically, the “what” you are surrendering?

That’s the big clue!

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