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William CassidyHi There

I’m Bill

…a Life Strategist, Spiritual Guide and Mindset Coach that helps people feel and live better via self realization, mind mastery and conscious creation.

For years I stressed, struggled and suffered through life. There was always something that I didn’t want happening in my life. And what I wanted to happen, mostly didn’t. Nothing felt good.

Eventually I discovered that if I fixed and optimized my mind I felt better and got better results.

Now I never feel anything inside I don’t want. I always feel loved, wanted and appreciated and I’m creating a better and better life.

I am, once again, having fun, thrilled to be me and loving life.

To learn exactly how I did this…and how YOU can do the same, click the “download” button below.

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The more conscious you are, the better you feel. The better you feel, the better it is for everyone. -William Cassidy

I help people elevate their spirit and optimize their mind so they feel and live better and better; no matter what happens or has happened. Click the button below and get started today.


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The Ultimate Mind Hacks List Cover

Proven Mind Hacks to Quickly, Easily and Dramatically Improve Your Life

Use these proven mind hacks to quickly, easily and effectively reprogram your mind to feel better and create better.

The Greater Powered Blueprint for Manifesting Your Unimaginable Dream Life Cover

Attract, Achieve and Experience Anything You Want While Eliminating Everything You Don’t

In this simple 5 step video blueprint I share the best of what I learned from over 25 years of meditation and study.

The Secret to Happiness

The Simple Secret You Can Easily Do to Instantly Increase Your Happiness

Use this proven secret to stop feeling “bad” and start feeling happier and happier the more you practice.

Thrilled AF report cover

How I Went From Stressed, Struggling and Miserable to Relaxed, Confident and Happy

In this simple FREE Report I share my self realization and mind mastery journey from F’d to Thrilled AF.

Accelerate Your Results

Personal Coaching Programs

I have four personal coaching programs to suit your needs. They all will help you get what you want and help you make your life easier, more fulfilling and generally better in every possible way.

The ALT (Accelerated Lifestyle Transformation) and the GP (Greater Powered) coaching programs offer two different paths for growth. In the ALT program, we work together on the issues that are most important to you. In the GP program, we work on from the GP course on the issues that are most important to you (we decide).

The VIP programs offer personal accountability by me and the Unlimited coaching programs are less expensive and allow you to control your own accountability.

Greater Powered Unlimited Coaching

Unlimited Personal Coaching

Greater Powered VIP Coaching

VIP Coaching planter


Not Sure?

If you read down to here and still aren’t sure about what to do next, let me help you. Click the button below and set up a time for us to talk. There is no obligation. I will help you and if you’d like, maybe I’ll help you some more.

If you are stressed, suffering or struggling with anything or your life isn’t exactly as you want it, then select the blue button below and let’s get started creating the life of your dreams.



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