The Third Most Powerful Book I Ever Read

Third Most Powerful BookI’d have to say that the third most powerful book I ever read is Eckhart Tolley’s The Power of Now.

I read it, probably, almost 20 years ago now.

After embarking on a spiritual journey of books that included The Celestine Prophecy, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, Be Here Now, The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success, The Four Agreements, The Seat of the Soul and many more, I came across The Power of Now.

To my disbelief, I realized that it came as depicted in The Celestine Prophecy; exactly at the right time. And, everything just seemed to fall into place; all the books I read and the the ones I would soon be reading – and implementing.

I’ve never looked back.

I did give copies away to people I thought may appreciate it.

But usually when you give someone the keys to better living, they almost never immediately use them.

By the way, for the purposes of this and the following posts I’m discluding religious books like The Bible and Tao Te Ching.

The Powerful Effect

The Power of Now had a big, powerful effect on me.

It enabled me to get out of my own way and become the ultimate creator of my life.

I still had much to learn but life became increasingly easier and easier. I was no longer swimming upstream against the invisible current of my self sabotage.

Getting out of my own way became obvious and I began learning how to master how I felt. When I didn’t feel good, I not only knew why, but how to fix it.

As I said, The Power of Now is the third most powerful book I ever read.

Reading it – and practicing that which I learned – was a huge step in my growth as a human being.

It gave me some tools I didn’t have to make my life exponentially easier and better.

But, not nearly as many as the most powerful book I ever read.

If you’d like to make huge steps in your growth and personal development, I suggest reading The Power of Now and The Most Powerful Book I Ever Read.

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