How the News Media Makes Money

Have you ever wondered how the news media makes money besides direct advertising on their main platform?
Person Reading How the News Media Makes MoneyFirst thing to understand is that news media is a plural term. It’s not singular or whole.
News media could mean any platform that disseminates news. 
Typically the news media would include TV, Radio and newspapers.
The next thing to understand is that, unfortunately, is that 90% of the US media (news and programming) is owned and controlled by only five companies per wikipedia.
Therefore, most of the news that we get is filtered through a giant corporate perspective.
So, how do they make money?
Well, you are probably aware that they make a lot of money directly through advertising on their main platform so I won’t belabor that point.
Regardless of whether the media outlet’s medium is TV, Radio or Newspaper, They all also have websites as additional revenue streams.
And with that business model, as you’ll see, exacerbates their main purpose.
Sensationalism and conflict have always driven viewership,
But now, additionally, drives clicks and therefore revenue.
Let me explain…
News outlets can make money on web platforms through a variety of ways but typically it’s from advertising.
It could come from paid ads or through pay per click.
Paid ads is when a person or business pays a fixed sum for advertising space on their website.
Pay-per-click is when the host is paid an amount, often depending on the ad itself, each time somebody clicks on the ad.
So, basically, the more clicks the more money.
What that means is that in today’s world, sensationalism, controversy and conflict increase the news media outlet’s revenue more than ever.
That’s also why you have companies moving further left and right (more extreme). Their audiences will predictably click, drive up revenue, the more sensational the story is.
The truth, what actually happened and their customers well being is irrelevant when it comes to their profits.
Another, yet indirect, way media companies make money from their websites is through search engines like google.
When large pools of people visit and spend time on their site, search engines see them as authorities. Their metrics reflect increased time on site, engagement and low bounce rates which will ultimately increase their traffic.
When companies like google see favorable metrics, they send them more and more traffic. More traffic equates to more revenue.
So, that’s how the news media makes money.
All of this is just something that we all should be aware of.
Theoretically, If we all stopped watching, listening and visiting their programming, they’d go bankrupt.
Just saying…
However, if you own a business, you can leverage them to help grow your business faster.
When they publish favorable stories about you and your business, there are so many benefits you can reap including, but not limited to, authority status and more traffic.
Which, obviously, should equate to more sales, revenue and profits.
If you’d like to leverage the major news media outlets to grow your business, I’d love to have a chat with you.
The best way to contact me is through email:
I look forward to hearing from you.

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