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4 Steps of Thinking

4 Steps Of Thinking You Should’ve Been Taught

Did you know that there are 4 steps of thinking that you should have been taught?

Have you ever even thought about thinking? It’s probably the last thing on your mind, huh?

It seems crazy to me that something we do all day everyday is so thoroughly ignored and misunderstood.

I mean, shouldn’t we have been taught how to think in, let’s say, first grade – if not sooner?

4 Steps of ThinkingIs it because nobody knows about thinking?

NOTE: This series of posts about the 4 steps of thinking contains useful information about the minding process that we all should have been taught and does not contain a bunch of established, useless, scientific, psychological bullshit (nor does this blog).

Anyway, it is what it is. But, that’s part of why I started this blog and career; because it took me sooooo many years of research and meditation to discover much of what I wish to share.

So, the first of the 4 steps of thinking is just normal thinking. I like to call it “freestyle thinking” because it differentiates it from the other steps of thinking and sounds much better that “drunken monkey mind thinking”.

Freestyle thinking is characterized by its lack of focus, direction and most importantly lack of conscious control.

It is also characterized by its immense waste of energy.

Other important points of note are that it involves movement and time (you’ll see the importance in later posts).

Because you are extremely familiar with freestyle thinking and everything becomes much clearer when you understand the other three steps, I won’t beat this dead horse anymore.

You can read more about freestyle thinking, contemplation and more in my FREE Report Greater Powered: The Blueprint for Manifesting Your Unimaginable Dream Life.

In the next post, I’ll discuss the second step of thinking: contemplation

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