How to Love Yourself More Mind Hack

How to Love Yourself More Mind HackThis is a great mind hack for how to love yourself more.

What’s great about mind hacks is that they improve your reality simply by changing your mind.

Sometimes, to change your mind takes a bit of work. Sometimes, a simple change of perspective does the work for you.

That’s the case in this How to Love Yourself More Mind Hack.

This hack is based on an analogy and a huge fact.

But first, understand that the key to all mind hacks is consciousness. You must be aware of your mind, especially your thoughts and beliefs.

So that when you catch yourself thinking or believing something unhealthy, unwanted, unnecessary, divisive, limiting, ineffective or disempowering; you can fix it.

When you understand the analogy I’m about to share, it becomes super easy to love yourself, and others, more because you understand why everyone behaves the way they do, including you.

Once you understand the why, It’s much easier to forgive and then love.

So here’s how to love your self more…

How To Love Yourself More

The analogy is to think of people like plants.

If you take care and nurture a plant with everything it needs: good soil, nutrients, light, water and love. AND, nothing happens to it that shouldn’t happen. It will flower 9 out of 10 times and bear fruit.

On the other hand, if the plant doesn’t get everything it needs and experiences things that shouldn’t happen to it, like being stepped on; 9 out of 10 times it will not flower or bear fruit.

It’s the same with people.

If we accept that most of the worst offenders in prison are not flowering.

And then look into their childhood, we’d see most have experienced some type of trauma or abuse. There are a few exceptions.

If we look to the most happy, healthy, helpful people, we’d see that they had loving, nurturing parents and escaped childhood without experiencing any trauma or abuse. Also, there are a few exceptions.

Everyone else falls in between these two extremes.

Additionally, this is the huge fact I mentioned earlier, understand that as part of the human condition we are wrongly taught to identify with our mind and body instead of our spirit. This causes a whole other level of dysfunction, but that’s a post for another day.

Just know that our parents and society screwed us up just like they were screwed up.

By screwed up I mean they taught us to think and believe a bunch of unhealthy, unwanted, unnecessary, divisive, limiting, ineffective and disempowering crap. 

Everyone’s doing the best they can depending on how poorly programmed their mind is.

Your mind is a mechanical process created before you were aware of what was happening.

Much of this programming is now subconscious.

So, the healthiest and happiest people, not the wealthiest, mostly got what they needed as a child and can flower.

And the ones suffering the most, typically didn’t get what they needed, and worse still, things happened to them that shouldn’t have.

So, knowing this makes it much easier to be forgiving of the people who behave the worst. 

It also makes it easier to forgive ourselves because we are on this spectrum too. 

Truly, we are all doing the best we can with what we were taught; until now.

Now that you know, it’s up to you to do better.

The better is to forgive yourself, love yourself and to consciously change your unhealthy, unwanted, unnecessary, divisive, limiting, ineffective and disempowering thoughts and beliefs.

The good news is that no matter how damaged we are, it can all be easily fixed. You just have to do it.

At first it may be a bit scary, but with time and practice, everything becomes effortless and you feel extremely confident and at ease. 

To get started, I recommend the Greater Powered Advanced Training Program. It has everything you need. It’s the ultimate mind, body and spirit fitness system.

It’s everything you weren’t taught but should have been.

If you have kids, you should definitely know this or you’ll screw them up just like you were.

I’m not going to try and convince you anymore, go take a look and see for yourself all that you get.

So, if you want to learn way more than just how to love yourself more, take inspired action right now.

If you want the fastest results possible than let’s talk and I’ll help you get immediate results.


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