How To Focus On One Thing Without Getting Distracted

How To Focus On One Thing Without Getting DistractedMost people don’t know how to focus on one thing without getting distracted. 

Partly because we live in the age of distraction. 

Mostly because we don’t even know how to focus.

For this article, I looked up “how to focus” and the answer was misleading at best. 

The number one google result says “There’s no one answer for how to improve focus, but the following tips can help”.



This is clearly wrong and misleading.

They suggest tips to help you improve your focus but do not teach you how to focus.

Example, their first tip “eliminate distractions” is a very helpful and makes sense but it’s doesn’t teach you how to focus.

Eliminating distraction makes it easier, obviously, but it doesn’t explain how to focus.

What this tells me is that the article was written by someone who doesn’t know how to focus because they have never mastered their mind.

Let me tell you how to focus and see what you think.

First, it’s important to understand what focus actually is.

Focus is the conscious narrowing of the mind’s movement and activity.

When your mind has no focus or boundaries, it can jump from topic to topic like a drunken monkey.

When your mind has some focus, it has a boundary. It’s movement is constrained. It can still jump around, but not anywhere. Only within the designated boundaries. 

This is called contemplation. The boundary is a self imposed topic.

When your mind’s focus is on a singular item and it can not jump around. It must stay at that one point or on that one thought. This is called concentration.

How to Focus

So, how to focus?

Limit your mind’s activity from broad to narrow by consciously limiting it’s movement.

Every time it moves beyond the constraint, consciously bring it back to within.  

This can seem difficult or impossible at first but it’s a skill you can easily develop with some practice.

The practice I would recommend the most is meditation.

Meditation is when your mind’s activity is consciously stopped. Your mind has no room to move, not in space or time. This is meditation.

And just so you know, many meditation techniques are basically concentration techniques that you are meant to eventually drop to experience meditation.

So, yes there is a singular technique for how to focus. It’s consciously narrowing the movement and activity of your mind.

And yes, activity is movement, I use them together for clarity.

Meditation is also the single best way to improve your life that I have ever found.

Meditation allows you to grow your spiritual influence and master your mind as well as improve your focus.

How To Focus On One Thing Without Getting Distracted

So, now you know how to focus on one thing without getting distracted.

Just to be clear, you will get distracted. The idea is to pull yourself back to task. This builds a sort of strength, then it becomes easy.

Even when you master your mind, you will regularly have to control it.

But, your mind will not cause you the level of pain and suffering you experience before mind mastery. And you will feel amazingly great as your life is not being wasted by your mind.

Besides meditaion for focusing on one thing without getting distracted, I have other techniques to help you grow your spirit, master your mind and consciously create your best life in my holistic health and fitness system

Be warned, your life will never be the same…


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