Does It Help To Be Rich?

Does It Help To Be Rich WomenLet me answer the “does it help to be rich” question in two ways.

The first way: no.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your status, gender, color, size, nationality, bank account, etc. is; the world works the same for everyone.

Here’s why…

Try this: imagine that since you were born you’ve been collecting pebbles.

You know, tiny rocks not Fred and Wilma’s baby (she’s grown now – I guess).

When you first started collecting them, you didn’t even know you were collecting them. It just kind of happened.

You find and secure dozens or more per day. 

You like some pebbles more than others and are proud of them.

Although you do lose and return some, imagine that you carry them around, everywhere you go, every single day. 

Think of the burden that would be to your experience.

How far could you go? 

What a struggle that would be.

What would your relationships be like? 

Where would you live?

Job, friends, family?

How would you buy food?

When you are rich, you can have a nicer way to carry your pebbles around, but you’ll likely have more of them and you still have to take them everywhere. 

So the burden can be larger; and it’s more difficult to get rid of.

Now imagine that your pebbles are not pebbles but they are your thoughts and beliefs.

*NOTE: This analogy will also works with judgments and possessions.  

And, each thought and belief has weight, just like the pebbles. 

Some thoughts and beliefs weigh you down more than others.

When you are consciously thought free, like while in meditation or love, you are as light as you can be.

No pebbles!

You are free from your pebbles. Liberated!

That buoyant, boundless feeling is joy.


Isn’t that the way it really is?

The truth is that you can easily drop your burdens. You don’t have to carry them around.

When you do, you are free.

But most don’t. 

Mostly because no one has ever taught us how to drop them, not be afraid to drop them, not get tricked into not dropping them and, of course, how to to stop creating them in the first place. 

This is a big chunk of what I teach and what I’m attempting to teach right now.

I hope that maybe something I say or do, clicks and you realize that you don’t need carry around unwanted and unhealthy burdens (that you mostly accumulated unknowingly as a child).

And, that they are easy to drop when you know how.

The 2nd way to answer does it help to be rich:

If you measure riches not as the amount of stuff you have or own, but by how much you have authentically lived or by how much you need, then it helps to be rich.

I guess the correct answer to does it help to be rich is, it depends on what you are measuring.

Regardless, if you want to get rid of your pebbles, I can help you do it faster.

Let’s talk

…or visit Greater Powered and get the Blueprint.


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