Everybody Should Have Lots Of Seagull Stories

Seagull StoriesAlthough I have many Seagull Stories, I want to tell you the original.

I lived in the Hamptons on the eastern end Long Island, New York for most of my life.

Often, you could find me at one of my favorite spots: the inlet to the Shinnecock Bay that separates Southampton and Hampton Bays.

On the Hamptons Bays side is where you find me for this account.

I sat in my truck, as I often did, just watching the ocean, people, birds, life…

I think it was towards the end of summer as many people were out but it wasn’t too hot.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a seagull hopping. Something was definitely wrong with him.

Immediately, as if directed by some unseen intelligence, I grabbed a knife out of my center console and the towel off of my passenger’s seat.

Taking a circuitous route towards the distressed bird, I sneaked up behind him as Ninja as possible.

He was severely tangled in fishing line and every time that he flapped his wing up the hook would dig into his leg and kind of trip himself.

That’s why when you fish you always make sure to properly dispose of any unwanted line.

I’m pretty sure some of his mean seagull friends were laughing at him but even worse was the fact that he was extremely likely to become fox food.

I threw the towel around him to trap his wings and wrapped him up like a baby so that he couldn’t move or flap.

Basically, he surrendered to me as if he knew I was going to help him.

So, I started cutting and untangling the line and removed the hook from his leg.

Like I said, he was severely tangled so this whole endeavor must have taken 15 minutes or more.

I was totally “in the moment” and totally unaware of what was going on around me.

A large crowd gathered and watched me.

Eventually, I completed my mission and said goodbye to the bird.

But  before removing the towel, when he knew that he was OK, he looked as me as if to say how much he appreciated my help but he was obliged to give me a token “peck” because the other birds were watching.

I clearly understood.

I let him go.

He gave me half-hearted peck and flew away.

The crowd behind me started clapping and cheering.

I had no idea…

It’s difficult to explain how good of a freeing it was to free that seagull.

Helping and having positive impact is one of the best feelings in life.

I had purpose, took inspired action and created a positive consequence.

Such an amazing feeling. I can even feel it now as I write this.

Also, I get it when I coach someone to a personal success.

And, It’s even more intense when I coach someone to find their purpose, take inspired action and create positive consequences, results and/or impact for themselves.

I know this is a simple little story, but the effects are massive.

And, the little successes add up to a life well lived.

I call these little success stories “Seagull Stories”.

Feel free to share your Seagull Stories below. I would love to hear them…

Most importantly however, is that when you are living, or re-living, the little successes, you are not living and re-living your failures, disappointments, traumas and current dramas.

So, would you like to experience the highs of purpose and positive impact on a more frequent basis?

I can help you.

If you are not creating Seagull Stories daily, you are not living your best life.

Stop wasting your life and get on the fast track to living a healthy happy, abundant life filled with passion, purpose and positive impact. Get personal coaching with me and accelerate your results.

Take inspired action right now and click the button below and let me help you…


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