Is High Functioning Schizophrenia Normal?

Is High Functioning Schizophrenia Normal?

Is High Functioning Schizophrenia Normal?I’ll tell you why I think high functioning schizophrenia is normal.

Not healthy, but normal.

Let me tell you how I came to this conclusion.

I’m always amazed but never surprised at how the universe provides not just what you are looking for, but also what will serve you best.

I currently feel an inner tension that’s source eludes me.

I’ve done what I normally do: I ask the universe to help me find it.

So, this AM I awake and I’m reading my Facebook feed and I see a post from someone with a schizophrenia problem.

My understanding is that we all are schizophrenic to some degree but wasn’t sure if I was confusing schizophrenia with everyday nuts.

Although I’ve had this belief for a while, I don’t remember how I got it.

I wanted to know more to see if I could help the poster in any way.

High Functioning Schizophrenia Research

Just to be clear from the beginning, high functioning schizophrenia isn’t a clinical diagnosis.

To start my research, I do what I normally do: I searched “schizophrenia” in my favorite meditation book and didn’t find anything (sometimes search doesn’t find words I KNOW are there, and I’m SURE they are – mostly).

Anyhow, nothing. Then I went to step 2, I searched Google for “schizophrenia” + “osho”.

Basically, he says that everyone is schizophrenic because we are born into a schizophrenic world and taught conflicting ideas from birth.

In an example given, Osho conveys a story about a man who wants his kid to be true, honest, religious and prayerful.

And, successful in life, well educated, reach high posts and to succeed material with a good house, car, wife and respect in the society.

Osho points out the contradiction and impossibility between spirituality and materialism. And the split which is the root cause of schizophrenia.

You can read the article here

This is why I think everyone is nuts, #MeToo, to some degree and that what society calls “normal” is in fact “nuts”, for lack of a better word.  It’s also why some people who are against this split are perceived by society to be defective, when in fact they are not.

It was exactly what I was looking for to solve my unexplained tension.

Next, I searched Google without “osho” to find the modern scientific take, which usually isn’t helpful.

For example, when searching schizophrenia the first result says “A disorder that affects a person’s ability to think, feel, and behave clearly. The exact cause of schizophrenia isn’t known, but a combination of genetics, environment, and altered brain chemistry and structure may play a role”.

My first thought is that if you don’t know the cause, how are you ever really going to fix it?

Next it says “Treatment is usually lifelong and often involves a combination of medications, psychotherapy, and coordinated specialty care services”.

There you have it, lifelong treatment means they never fix it. Big surprise.

And yes, it is fixable!

Finally, I searched the definition of “schizo” and the result clearly supports Osho’s teachings.

It’s definition: split or cleft.

My Schism

My schism, the aforementioned tension, originates from the exact example Osho describes: conflict from trying to be religious and materialistic.

I must drop one to lose the tension. I’ve successfully dropped similar previously and will this too.

Obviously, it has to be the materialism.

I often teach others to fix the low hanging fruit and build momentum or fix whatever is currently causing the most suffering.

I understand that fixing core issues often would help the most, but core issues can be the most difficult to find, see and correct.

This is a core issue and I’m grateful to be dealing with it.

My mind wants to say “it’s too difficult”, I can’t do it now”, “I’m not ready”, etc., but I know that’s my mind fighting to have some control and I won’t let that happen.

I don’t think I can truly convey how huge this is for me and my growth. It will likely have severe practical consequences. I’m not saying good or bad, just huge.

A big unknown change sounds like an adventure.

How exciting!

Am I ready?

I must be!

Ha, it’s time to end this post and start getting rid of my high functioning schizophrenia…


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William Cassidy

About William Cassidy

William Cassidy is an Spiritual Guide and Mindset Coach who specializes in self realization, mind mastery and conscious creation.

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Most Powerful Book

The Most Powerful Book I Ever Read

Most Powerful BookBefore I tell you what the most powerful book I ever read was, I want to recap how we got here.

First, I mentioned great spiritual books that didn’t make my top 3 including The Celestine Prophecy, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, Be Here Now, The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success, The Four Agreements, The Seat of the Soul .

There were many more that I didn’t include (and for the purposes of this posts series I’ve discluded religious books like The Bible and the Tao Te Ching).

Then, I shared my third most powerful book I ever read and my second most powerful book I ever read. Namely The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolley and The Pathwork of Self-Transformation by Eva Pierrakos respectively.

The Most Powerful Book

So, the most powerful book I ever read is Osho’s The Book of Secrets.

No doubt!

Osho, also known as Rajneesh, Acharya Rajneesh and Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh is a controversial figure who called himself the “spiritually incorrect mystic”.

But, don’t let that influence you negatively.

I frequently advise people not to trust me but to listen, evaluate and decide for yourself. Let me earn your trust by repetitively helping you. When I have earned your trust, continue listening, evaluating and deciding for yourself.

The basis for that is also much of the basis of what Osho talks about in The Book of Secrets.

The Book of Secrets is Osho’s interpretation of the 112 meditations described in the Bhagavad Gita. The Bhagavad Gita is a Hindu scripture from around the second century BCE.

It took me about 4 years to complete the book. By “complete the book” I mean, play with all 112 meditations.

I say “play” because, that’s what I did. It’s always been a core philosophy of mine and it’s also what Osho recommends.

This is a serious book that can only be leveraged through playful implementation.

Have you ever heard that said about a book before?

Regardless, “playful implementation” is an important clue to successfully using this book.

You must be playful and you must do the work or you will get less benefit.

This Book Is Not for Everyone

But, If you are serious about your meditation practice, then this is the one book you should buy:
Get Osho’s The Book of Secrets now

If you are just beginning your meditation practice, I recommend an easier Osho book like Pharmacy for the Soul.

Or, in a similar fashion to how I found Osho, you could just go to Amazon and get one of his books that just seems to “speak to you”.

Anyhow, I highly recommend introducing yourself to the subtle wisdom of the most powerful book I ever read as you will, if you playfully implement the discourse, likely enjoy a powerful transformation.


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William Cassidy

About William Cassidy

William Cassidy is an Spiritual Guide and Mindset Coach who specializes in self realization, mind mastery and conscious creation.

Check out Bill's Ultimate Mind, Body and Spirit Fitness System: Greater Powered.


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