Negative Effects of Meditation

Negative Effects of Meditation

I recently wrote about the benefits of meditation and today I thought I’d flip the coin and discuss the negative effects of meditation.

The timing works out well for another reason also, I just read an article discussing the dark side of meditation. I found the article interesting and decided to do a bit of further research.Negative Effects of Meditation

Here’s my take away on the several articles that I read…

They all discussed the possibility of experiencing negative side effects like, nausea, headaches, hallucinations and amplifies emotional problems.

A Critical Meditation Distinction

In my over 20 years of meditation, I never experienced any negative physical side effects. However, I did experience what I may describe as hallucinations while meditating; seeing colors and light with movement.

I wouldn’t say that I experienced amplified emotional problems, but emotions do become more obvious.

That leads me to the important distinction that seemed to be missing from each of the articles I read.

That distinction is that meditation is conscious non thinking. So, if you are perceiving an emotion, a hallucination, a headache as a problem, then you are not meditating. You are thinking.

The problem arises from a deficiency in our language. We understand meditation as a doing when in fact it is exactly the opposite.

We confuse meditation with meditation techniques.

Meditation is less the problem and the problem has more to do with the meditation technique being used.

By the way, one of the articles was relatively clear about this, but the others, not so much…

Meditation, as I stated earlier is conscious, non thinking. Meditations, meditating and doing meditation describe techniques to assist you in becoming meditative; or again, conscious but without thought.

So, in my opinion, which wasn’t clear in any of the article I read is this; Meditation, if you are conscious and not thinking, has very few if any negative effects.

You may get cramps, but that’s not meditations fault, it’s your position or duration.

My point is conscious non thinking is never the problem, it’s almost always something else.

How to Overcome the Negative Side Effects of Meditation

Also in my opinion, the most common problem is the meditator having the wrong meditation technique for their unique experience and personality.

This why having a coach, someone who has practiced meditation for years and years is so valuable.

A coach can also address another common side effect of meditation, and that is the dealing with confusion, stuck and misinterpretations. This is the negative mental side of meditation and how anxiety, depression and amplified emotional issues come into play.

Overcoming your ego and the unhealthy, ineffective and self destructive thoughts, beliefs and convictions we all have is part of the process. But, like I did and you may too when you go it alone, you may go down some “wrong” paths that keep you stuck and suffering. Occasionally, problems become exacerbated.

If you choose to go it alone without a coach, May I suggest reading me Greater Powered Blueprint.

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