By P90X I Mean P90 Landscaping

P90XYeah, by P90X I mean P90 Landscaping, bitch.

It’s one of my many inventions like BBQ Bacon, reusable Q-Tips, Beer Yoga and bottles with wide openings for dispensing Ketchup.

It’s also my main summertime exercise program. It allows me to get my heart rate up, sweat out any toxins (by toxins I mean beer) and works my legs, arms and core.

You don’t need any expensive equipment, fancy clothes and there’s no expensive membership fee.

Cutting the lawn is pretty much available to anyone. If you don’t have a lawn, I’m sure a neighbor will lend you their’s.

They may even pay you!

Imagine getting paid to get in shape and healthier.

You gotta love America!

So Bill, what’s P90 Landscaping have to do with self realization or prosperity?

Great question Grasshopper.

It has to do with what I call Success Positioning.

Success Positioning is the process of putting yourself in circumstances and conditions that increase your likelihood of succeeding.

It’s the opposite of setting yourself up for failure.

Exercise is but one component of Success Positioning.

Others include, but are not limited to, sleep, environment, mental and physical diet.

For example, if you spend a lot of time in a toxic environment, you are decreasing your chances of being happy, healthy and fulfilled.

If you limit or eliminate your time spent in toxic environments, you will increase your chances of being happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Success Positioning is a technique that I always consider and leverage while coaching.

I’m writing a Master Course where I go into specific details about using Success Positioning for your benefit.

But, for now the only way to get this information is through my one-on-one personal coaching.

You can see all my coaching programs here:


I’d say that claiming your free coaching session is the best Success Positioning technique you could employ right now – even better than doing P90X or P90 Landscaping.


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