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Problems Are Easy to Solve Before They Begin Quote

Problems Are Easy to Solve Before They Begin Quote

“Problems are easy to solve before they begin” is another one of my favorite quotes that I frequently use but don’t know who said it.

Problems Are Easy to Solve Before They Begin QuoteDid I come up with it? I doubt it, it sounds too wise.

Also, I may have bastardized it from something someone else said.

I searched without luck for its original author.

My guess would be Lao Tzu or Osho.

Regardless, contemplate it’s meaning for a bit, then put it into practice.

Try to notice where each problem originates and if there was something you could have done differently that would have delivered a better outcome.

The answer is always “yes”.

Notice how much easier solving them becomes.

That’s why “Problems are easy to solve before they begin” is one of my favorite quotes. I like simple and easy.

Incidentally, solving problems earlier will dramatically improve your life.

If you implement this incredible life strategy, you will learn how to not create problems in the first place.

And, you’ll will eventually notice that all of your problems begin the same way.

Once you learn the secret, you can stop creating problems that you don’t want.

You may be saying that you don’t want any problems but that’s not healthy either. I say this from personal experience.

You want some problems, but you want to be the one choosing your problems and not too many or all at once either.

That way you only experience the “good” problems you want and you can still grow and enjoy.

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