Why I Like Everything Mind Hack

Why I Like Everything Mind Hack thumbs up with coffeeWant to know why I like everything?

First and most importantly, it forces you to be aware. Being conscious is essential to healthy, successful living.

Second, your focus is beneficial. It will be focusing on what you want more of. You’ll be running high vibrational emotions like love and gratitude. This is why you get more of what you love to focus on.

Third, your focus will not be on that which is detrimental. So, you won’t be creating more of what you don’t want.

Fourth, you’ll start creating more of what you truly enjoy and want more of in your life simply from being aware and leveraging the higher vibrations of consciousness.

Fifth, I’m grateful for the contrast. The contrast allows me to happily dislike stuff I really don’t like. jk

So, that’s why I like everything.

The mind hack is to start liking everything too; and stop giving your energy to the things you don’t like and want.

What To Do Next?

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