What is a Mind Hack

A mind hack is a shortcut towards the health, ease, joy, power and freedom of life mastery via optimizing your thoughts, beliefs and focus.
-William Cassidy

What is a Mind Hack

So, I said to Google, “What’s a mind hack?”

The first results entry gave me the definition for “brain hacking”.

Brain hacking is the application of techniques and/or technologies to affect an individual’s mental state, cognitive processes or level of function. … As an approach for personal development, brain hacking seeks to enhance cognitive function and optimize efficacy and happiness.

“Google, that’s not what I want. I said “mind hack. That’s M-I-N-D H-A-C-K, miiiiind haaaack”!

Actually, I typed it in with lowercase letters and quotes (It’s an old marketer’s trick to get a quick look at keyword competition).

Anyhow, this came up in the first result with quotes:

So, “mind hack” here can be described as a conditioning or reconditioning of the mind to work better. It’s about understanding how the mind (and brain) functions and tweaking it up to work effectively, in relation to productivity.

That’s a little better for my purposes…

But to me, a mind hack is a shortcut towards the health, ease, joy, power and freedom of life mastery via optimizing your thoughts, beliefs and focus.

So basically, life mastery shortcuts via mind mastery.

Why Hack Your Mind

Your reality is a reflection of that which you think, believe and focus on.

So, if you change your thoughts and beliefs or your focus, you will change your world.

When you optimize your thoughts, beliefs and focus, you feel amazing (powerful, confident, relaxed, whole, connected, liberated, expansive, etc.) and can manifest anything. 

You optimize your life.

If you leverage a technique to optimize your thoughts, beliefs and focus to achieve a result much faster, it’s a mind hack.

So, if you changed your mind from “I shouldn’t smoke” to “I don’t smoke”; it might be called the “I Shouldn’t I Don’t” mind hack.

If you became conscious of how often you say “no”, then paying attention so  you say “yes” more frequently, that’s another; maybe “The Power of Yes”.

If you changed your focus from lack to gratitude; maybe “Easy Riches”.

Anything that helps you get results faster via better minding including meditations, hypnosis, writing, imagination, asking specific questions and my One Minute tools are too. 

Actually, my tools assist you with deleting and installing better thoughts and beliefs (both conscious and subconscious) and improving your focus

Regardless, this is what I do…

I help people find and repair or delete unwanted, unnecessary, unhealthy, unhelpful, disempowering, limiting and ineffective thoughts and beliefs; improve their focus and install wanted, necessary, healthy, beneficial, empowering, liberating and effective thoughts and beliefs.

Want to see how this works?

…or start with my codex of mind hacks


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William Cassidy is an Spiritual Guide and Mindset Coach who specializes in self realization, mind mastery and conscious creation.

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