Travel With A Bike Camper Idea

Travel With A Bike CamperThe very last day of July 2020 I decided I could travel with a bike camper down the east coast to Florida where I thought I might find a nice place to relocate.

Or, if I enjoy bike camping, I’ll just keep going…

I was planning to travel overseas to Bali, Vietnam or Chang Mai before COVID-19 hit. COVID  smashed my plans.

I though that maybe I could hitch or hike to Florida as relocating there was my next favorite option.

I researched places to live in Florida and thought I like Jacksonville Beach or St Petersburg – Clearwater area the best. 

Hitchhiking seemed to be out as getting rides during COVID would be a lot more difficult.

Hiking seemed to be my best option, but I couldn’t take much stuff and things -at least according to the news- seemed to be getting dangerous out there. You know, with all the protests, shooting and stuff.

Also, on previous hitching and hiking adventures,  I constantly chased electricity. That was a big problem I wanted to avoid.

I knew it was time to go and tried to relax knowing that everything would work itself out. 

In the early months of COVID I knew I wasn’t going anywhere just yet. Nobody really knew what exactly was going on.

I figured we’d get a handle on COVID and that maybe with some delay I’d still be able to go overseas.


Americans were banned from many countries because of our less than effective response.

I started watching videos of lightweight bike campers and thought that maybe that was something I could do.

What I like least about lightweight travel adventures is not having a place to sleep, chasing electricity and a way to get around to get food or supplies or a way to quickly get out of places that I don’t like.

I thought a bike packing trip with a bike camper would solve those huge problems and I’d be able to relocate with some comfort the items I truly enjoy.

I wasn’t quite right.

So, I did some more research, mostly YouTube videos, and decided in the beginning of August 2020 that I would do it.

I gathered the supplies and tools I had, ordered some new ones, put what I didn’t need in storage, built my lightweight, tear drop bike camper, said my goodbyes and was on the road by September 15, 2020.

No, I didn’t plan much out, no I didn’t think it through very thoroughly and no I wasn’t totally prepared.

Basically, I planned to travel with a bike camper. I didn’t even have a start place until a day or two before I left…

Unfortunately, that’s how I roll…

When I want to do something, I do it.

I’m OK with making mistakes, hardships, setbacks and failing. I believe they are all ways to learn and grow.

As a matter of fact, one of my favorite sayings is: “if you are not making a lot of mistakes, you are not living”. “Just don’t make the same ones repetitively”.


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