The Left vs. Right Conundrum

We all have been victims of the left vs. right conundrum.

We see it on the news and on our social media sites.

The Left vs. Right ConundrumSo, I’ve decided to give you a quick insight to immunize yourself from this mental disability.

Being left or right simply means that you identify with a certain belief system.

Mentally healthy people are open minded and understand that they are so much more than their belief system.

I’d like to share an analogy that helps illuminate the futility of identifying with and ideology.

Here goes…

If you identify with the left, that means that most of your decisions will have you going left. If you identify with the right, that means that most of your decisions will have you going right.

No matter which side you are on you will make a circle and end up in the same spot and the more extreme you are, the smaller your circle will be.

I’m not saying never go left or right, I’m saying that if you identify with left or right, you will end up mostly going in that direction. And, if you do, you will make a circle and eventually end up where you started.

Stop identifying and make conscious choices and you’ll always be in a healthier-for-you spot.

Continually covering the same ground is a form of insanity and an indicator that you are not growing as a human being. You are making circles, but you are stuck.

If you were growing, you wouldn’t identify with left or right, you’d be moving forward.

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William Cassidy is an Spiritual Guide and Mindset Coach who specializes in self realization, mind mastery and conscious creation.

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