The 3 Best Tips to Be Successful In Life I Ever Found


Thank you for your interest in this list. I hope that you enjoy it and get some practical benefit from it. 

First, let me warn you to be careful about messing with your mind and also to not take anything I say too seriously. You must listen and evaluate what is best for you. If you experience any negative side effects, stop immediately. Let me say that I have safely used each one of these hacks in my own personal practice. That said, messing with your mind can occasionally have unintended consequences (that’s why I suggest personal coaching).

My name’s Bill and I help people access and leverage higher levels of consciousness for their growth, pleasure, joy and ease. Much of my work involves fixing ineffective and sometimes destructive programming in the mind.

Mind hacks, as I call them, are simply mental shortcuts to feeling and creating better.

I have used all theses mind hacks myself, so I know they work. Although this is just a list, simply being aware of the mind hacks is often enough to dramatically benefit you. I recommend additional content when appropriate. 

In this list, some mind hacks contain subtle similarities with others; and sometimes subtle differences. See if you can spot them.


So, let’s get started.

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My Name Is Bill Cassidy and I help people access higher levels of consciousness so they can feel better; and create better.

I do this by leveraging mind mastery techniques and tools that I created or learned during my journey.

The last thing I will say about me is that I’ve been meditating for 25 years, studying metaphysics for even longer and I’ve done everything that I’m teaching.

I told you I was going to share the three secrets

Here are the 3 secrets…


The 3 Best Tips to Be Successful In Life

Tip #1

The Only Way To Know The Ultimate Is Through The Immediate

As far as I can remember, this tip comes from Osho’s Book of Secrets. On the surface it might not seem so transcendental but contemplate it a bit and see what you think.

What does it mean?

So, what does it mean? 

It means that the only way to experience God is by being present. Conscious. 

The more conscious you are, the closer you are to our source. 

Presence and consciousness are the same. 

The more conscious you are, the more in the present moment you are. The better you feel. And the better your creating will be.


And, the more conscious, closer to source, higher your vibrational frequency; the better you feel.

It’s the ability to experience love and wholeness.


The big question is how.  

Well the answer is actually two steps. Raise your consciousness and optimize your mind.

Think of your mind as the creating process. 

And currently, most of us have terribly ineffective and even harmful programming.

We got programmed as a child when we hadn’t the ability to remember or choose what programming we got. 

That’s why stuff happens to us that we think we don’t want.

Imagine if…

Imagine receiving all the benefits of being present. 

You feel loved, appreciated, wanted, You are healthy, energized and relaxed. 

Tip #2

Learn Another Religion

What is?

This is a tip I got from Joseph Campbell. 

He was the world’s leading mythologist. 

He studied people, religion and psychology all over the world. 

His tip was to learn another religion. 

Something completely different than what you know. 

So, if you are of one Abrahamic religion, don’t learn another, study Taoism or Buddhism. And if you are a Buddhist, Christianity might help you more than Taoism


Learning another religion will allow you to get another perspective on the same thing. 

We get so used to hearing certain words and systems of belief that they become meaningless to us. 

They just don’t speak to us. 

Learning a different belief system gives you clues to better understand the one you already know. 

Then the things you do know start to take on new meaning and you get a sense of what was trying to be communicated. 

You will gain a higher perspective in general about life.


This is simple, just decide on which religion you may want to learn about, then search online as there are many free resources.

I appreciate Taoism a lot, read The Tao Te Ching. 

And I love Tantra. I’ll suggest Osho’s Book of Secrets.

Imagine if…

Imagine the insight you will gain and how that will help you in your life.

Tip #3

The World Is As You See It

What is?

This one is a great one! Extremely practical. 

Understanding this allows you to understand that when you change your mind, you change your world. 

And, when you make the choice that is in the direction of higher consciousness, you feel better. 

When you make the wrong choice you feel worse. 


The great thing is that this means that you can have or feel anything you want simply by changing your mind.


I could talk for hours on this, and have. 

I also have a coaching and training program based on this. 

I’m going to give you the basic directions. 

I will also give you the greater powered free report and video training that goes into more detail. 

You will then have everything you need to dramatically improve your life by yourself, without help.

At the end I will offer my coaching services to help you accelerate your results.

OK, so here’s how to change your mind for the better.

Basically the idea is to become more conscious of the minding/creating process, then fix what isn’t working.

Start by paying attention to what you think and say. Look for any unhealthy, unwanted, unnecessary, divisive, limiting, ineffective and disempowering thoughts and beliefs, then correct them. Lovingly say to yourself “no, that is not correct. Then state what is the better thought or belief.

This is actually doing two things. It’s liberating your consciousness from your mind and it’s allowing you to feel and create better and better.

Imagine if…


add something here

What’s Next?

Now that you know the path of my and a typical spiritual journey, you should be able to make faster, easier progress. 

Yes, you will still have many challenges. And that’s the point. You gain strength as you overcome each challenge. 

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