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Magical Stuff

Magical Stuff Happens to People Who Believe

When you consciously create your realty, you feel powerful, confident and at ease while you, pretty much, can have, do or experience anything that you want; including magical stuff. -William Cassidy

Magical Stuff

Magical stuff happens to people who believe that magical stuff “CAN” happen to them.


Magical stuff is more likely to be experienced by people who focus on or “EXPECT” magical stuff to happen to them.

If you focus on and expect magical stuff to happen to you, then magical stuff will appear to happen to you.

It doesn’t have a choice. It has to happen.

Your world is a reflection of that which you think, believe and focus on.

But, it’s not and nothing is happening to you, you are creating it.

You are not aware of how you are creating it though.

This goes for your entire reality, YOU created it.

In this case, you created it by having the belief “magical stuff happens to me”.

However, an even better belief would be “I’m the creator of magical stuff”.

It’s more empowering, yes?

There are two caveats: competing beliefs and/or conflicts with the agreement we all have as a co-creator of existence: basically (too complex to go into here), it can’t break physics. 

So, it’s much harder to move a mountain, not impossible though, than it is to manifest you holding  your winning lottery ticket.

Or, you feeling powerful, confident and at ease or you having a partner who loves, accepts and appreciates you completely or the job, car or house you want.

Or, anything else you truly want.

You are creating it.

Whether you are creating consciously or not.

You are always creating.

Your thoughts, beliefs and focus determine what gets created.

Yes, you can say attracting or manifesting too.

The Metaphysical Software

So, here’s how it works…

Words and thoughts are like the creation software code.

Chronic patters of words and thought, and experiences, become beliefs.

Beliefs are feelings. Every belief, and every thought, has a corresponding vibrational frequency.

Everything you think and believe causes an emotion. 

So, high frequency vibrations/emotions like love, gratitude and connection, feel “good” while low frequency vibrations/emotions like hate, shame and loneliness do not.

For example, think about puppies.

Now think about puppies getting smashed over the head with bricks.

Sorry about that, but do you see?

One feels good to think about and the other doesn’t.

So, if you consciously choose to eliminate or repair the thoughts and beliefs that make you feel “bad”, then you will stop feeling “bad”.

If you consciously have thoughts and beliefs that make you feel “good”, then you will start feeling “good”.   

Going a step farther, if you consciously reprogram your mind (thoughts and beliefs) with healthy, beneficial, liberating, empowering and effective thoughts and beliefs, you will always feel healthy, lucky, joyful, powerful, confident, energized and at ease.

If you don’t, you will often feel like crap.

So stop creating crap!

But, how?

Consciously create your realty so that you can feel great instead of like crap.  Also, you can pretty much have, do or experience anything you want, including magical stuff.   

Consciously Create Magical Stuff or Whatever You Want

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You will save a lot of time and energy while avoiding aggravation.

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The only thing you have to lose is the crap that you don’t want in your life.

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