Simple Self Realization and Mind Mastery Technique Anyone Can Use Chalkboard

A Simple Self Realization and Mind Mastery Technique Anyone Can Use

Simple Self Realization and Mind Mastery Technique Anyone Can Use ChalkboardHere’s an extremely empowering yet simple self realization and mind mastery technique anyone can use.

Start by watching all the words that you think or say.

Then, try to catch yourself using any disempowering language.

By “disempowering language” I mean words and phrases that reinforce a lack of power.

Examples would include sentences that start with: “I can’t”, “I have two” or “I Always”. Any conversation where you put yourself down. “I’m not good at”, “I’m a dumb ass” or “I’ll never be good at this”.

When you catch yourself, correct yourself.

Lovingly say to yourself something appropriately positive. Eventually, you can drop this talk also as this exercise becomes effortless.

Make it work for you by changing the disempowering language to empowering language.

So, “I can’t”, “I have two” or “I Always” might become “I can”,” I choose to” and “I respond accordingly”.

“I’m not good at”, “I’m a dumb ass” and “I’ll never be good at this” might become “I’m good at”, “I’m a genius” and “I’m a fast learner”.

The idea is to use words that are positive. You can use your own words.

That’s it. Now watch for the next time you use disempowering language.

Once you’ve completed this repeat this for any thinking that is unhealthy, unwanted, unnecessary, divisive, limiting and ineffective.

Don’t stop with thinking, check your beliefs, convictions and expectations too.

Self Realization

Now, self realization. If you haven’t noticed already. You are not the words, thought, beliefs or convictions.

You are the one who is aware of the thoughts, words, beliefs and convictions.

Now you know who you are. You are awakened. 

That’s certainly a simple self realization technique, yes?

Now, simply continue growing your consciousness and mastering your mind.

Basically, your consciousness expands and your identification with your mind shrinks.

Then, you feel better and you create better.

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