How to Stop Complaining So Much and 3 Good Reasons Why You Should Do It ASAP Therapist

How to Stop Complaining So Much and 3 Good Reasons Why You Should Do It ASAP

How to Stop Complaining So Much and 3 Good Reasons Why You Should Do It ASAP TherapistHave you ever wondered how to stop complaining so much?

If you have, then you probably realize on some level that complaining is not helping you.

That’s great because most complainers don’t even realize they are complainers.

And, if you think you are not complaining by stating “how things are”, you are fooling yourself.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Why You Should Stop Complaining?

There are 3 main reasons why you should stop complaining as soon as possible.

The first is because you are not adding anything positive to your interactions and relationships.

Who wants to be around a complainer?

Usually only other complainers. Even therapists find complainers annoying.

Second, you are diminishing most interactions and relationships from what they could be.

Seriously, there’s just nothing fun about being around someone who always finds fault in everything.

This will diminish the amount of quality relationships you have.

Third, and possibly the most important, when you focus on that which you don’t want, you’ll get more of it.

That should be motivation enough to stop complaining…

And, the method for how to stop complaining so much also has other benefits for you besides improving your relationships including feeling better and attracting better into your life.

How to Stop Complaining

So, just like most of the mind hacks I share, it all starts with awareness.

First you must become aware of what you think and say.

Next, when you notice that you are thinking or saying something negative, stop.

Then say to yourself something to the effect of “No, I only think and express positive thoughts”.

Feel free to use your own words but don’t lose the positive, actionable sentiment.

Next say something positive about the situation or whatever you were complaining about instead. Or take a second to feel something positive.

That’s it!

Simple, but never miss an opportunity to fix your thinking or you’ll likely fall back into the same destructive patterns.

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Over time, you’ll get better and better at this until you no longer think or express negative thoughts.

You’ll gain more and better personal relationships.

And, you feel better and attract better into your life.

Now that you know how to stop complaining so much, maybe you’d like to get better results quicker and easier? If so read the Greater Powered ATP or Connect with me about coaching.


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