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Emotional Intelligence and FREE Beer

Emotional Intelligence and FREE Beer

The other day I wrote about emotional intelligence in my Santa Miracle story but didn’t call it that. I basically explained it as finding the positive in what appears to be a bad situation.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence and FREE BeerToday I’m writing about emotional intelligence and free beer.

I attended the Government Mule concert the other night in Philly and had an incident.

The usher had put us in the wrong seats. I was sitting a row in front of my sister and her husband. My sister complained that the row behind her, which was separated by a 2″ x 6″ ledge was a disaster waiting to happen. Food spillage was her concern.

When we got the seats straightened out, I sat in front of the food spillage disaster ledge and her and her husband were sitting in front of me.

The concert started. Government Mule’s headlining band was really good and we were all enjoying ourselves.

Then I reached back and felt my chair and butt which turned out to be covered with ketchup smothered sliders.

I turned to the people behind me who placed their leftovers on the precarious and lipless ledge and said “really”.

How mad could I be? My sister predicted it and the ledge was definitely a design fail.

I showed the girl who was paying attention to me my chair and told her my sister predicted this.

My sister, by the way, laughed hysterically the whole time.

The girl was really kind – very pretty – and apologetic. She remarked about how well I was handling the fact I was wearing someone’s dinner.

I told her that anger wouldn’t unspill it and we cleaned up the mess. She wiped the chair and I wiped my butt. Someone got me a new chair.

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

My luck immediately turned for the better as the chair was a stool and I could see better; the next song was Shakedown Street, which is one of my favorites; I talked with the pretty girl and her friends who were really nice and no more food was spilled on me the rest of the night.

And best yet, the pretty girl bought me a beer!

Therefore, having some emotional intelligence saved me from having a miserable night and hurting myself by self destructively pointing anger at others and got me some free beer.

How to Get Emotional Intelligence

My Greater Powered System doesn’t specifically talk about emotional intelligence, but that is the result of mastering it. If you are tired of being your own worst enemy, then may I suggest downloading my free Blueprint.

I discuss this system in easy to follow steps that anyone can use to overcome ineffective and self destructive mindsets to create a better life.

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So, let me acknowledge that by taking action RIGHT NOW, you are in fact, leveraging an amazing act of emotional intelligence.

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