And not only was I never taught how to contemplate, if I went to Google to search contemplation, I'd be thoroughly confused, then probably get distracted by cat videos. (jk, I rarely get distracted by cat videos).

Contemplation: The 2nd Step of the 4 Steps of Thinking

The second step of the four steps of thinking is contemplation.

Luckily, I learned how to contemplate while studying meditation because I was never taught how to contemplate as a child. And if I went to Google to search “contemplation”, I’d get thoroughly confused and probably end up watching cat videos. I’m just kidding; getting distracted by cat videos is something I rarely do. And, by rarely I mean only 9 or 10 times a week. : ) 

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The first result defines contemplation as the action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time.

ContemplationReally? That’s helpful (sarcasm)! 

I continued my research; reading and watching videos until I started getting sad because of how misleading the published information was. 

I won’t go on…

I’ll share what contemplation is according to me and my 25 years of meditation, research and study of religious and metaphysical texts.

What Is Contemplation?

Contemplation is when you consciously focus your thinking to a topic that includes boundaries.

Contemplation doesn’t allow your mind to move beyond that specific topic. Your thinking is allowed to bounce around anything related to the topic, but everything unrelated isn’t allowed and is excluded.

Less space of movement, more focus and most importantly more conscious control than freestyle thinking characterizes contemplation.

It also wastes a bit less of your energy.

Other important points I’d like to note are that it too involves movement and time.

You have likely been contemplating for years and didn’t even know it.

Also of note, is that if you are focusing on a subject unconsciously, that probably is an obsession. Especially if you can’t stop.

I note that because consciousness is so important in understanding thinking and that is another clue.

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Anyway, in the next post, I’ll discuss the third step of the 4 steps of thinking : concentration

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