5 minute meditations

My Favorite 5 Minute Meditations

My Favorite 5 Minute Meditations

My Favorite 5 Minute MeditationsHave you ever wondered what my favorite 5 minute meditations are?

I didn’t think so, but I’m gonna share anyway.

The first is “Get Answers”.

You can get it here at 5MinuteMeds.com.

Full disclosure; I’m the author and creator…

Here’s the description from the sales page:
Whether you have big, serious, “what am I doing” questions or simple “what’s for dinner” questions, “Get Answers” will help you discover the best answer that’s right for you. It’s my favorite.

Wow, I even included that it’s my favorite!

“Get Answers” is a guided meditation that each time I listen to it, and I frequently do, I feel amazing afterwards. It’s actually quite beautiful. 

And, you get the answers to any questions that you may have… 

Short, fun, effective meditations
you’ll actually use.

You see, I created the 5 minute meditations for me. 

I wanted a quick, easy way for me to successfully meditate when I was busy or didn’t really feel like it.

Meditation is that one thing we know that is really beneficial for us, but we often put off for a variety of reasons. Yes, me too.

So, for those busy days, or the days that you have a specific issue and just want to get on the right track, I created the 5 minute med series.

The specific issues I speak of may be health, money, connection or something else like you need to get answers to make a good decision. 

They are non-religious in nature and are especially beneficial for beginners.

Despite “Get Answers” being my favorite, “6 Phase Fast” is the one that I’ve used the most.

“6 Phase Fast” is the 5 minute, actually almost 6, version of Vishen Lakhiani’s “6 Phase Meditation” from Mind Valley.

So, “6 Phase Fast” is my second favorite. 

Both are great meditations; the longer being more beneficial and the shorter is a quick way to feel on track, supported and successful.

You can download the “6 Phase Fast” for free and learn more about all the other 5 minute meditations at 5MinuteMeds.com.

What are your favorite 5 Minute Meditations?


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