Overcoming Loneliness With A Simple 5 Second Mind Hack

Overcoming loneliness can seem like a difficult task, but it’s really not; when you know how…

The first step to overcoming loneliness is gaining a little bit of knowledge about how and why you feel lonely in the first place.

Overcoming LonelinessLoneliness is an emotion and all emotions come from your thoughts.

It’s important to note that chronic thoughts become your beliefs. So, if you believe something deep down, you will feel the effects of that belief on a continuous basis. 

What that amounts to is that if you don’t like what you feel, then simply replace your beliefs and current thinking with something better.

By better I mean thoughts and beliefs that empower you and make you feel good.

The Secret To Overcoming Loneliness

The feeling of loneliness comes from thoughts and beliefs that you are separate. Which isn’t true. You are, and everything is, in fact, connected.

It seems just the opposite because of your beliefs. We, as humans, were mostly, incorrectly, taught to see things as separate.

When you were a baby, maybe your parents showed you a ball and said “ball”. This went on and on throughout your early development until you saw everything as separate.

And, today, there is relatively no one teaching how to make things whole.

Your mind labels and divides everything, among other activities, but it doesn’t put things whole unless you make it.

The process of making it is called self mastery and the process for making things whole is called synthesis.

The key to self mastery and synthesis is consciousness. When you become conscious, you will stop unnecessarily dividing everything and you will start seeing everything as whole and connected. Also, among other things.

You will also use your mind correctly, as a tool to solve problems instead of your mind being the master (keep reading).

When you consciously see everything as whole and connected you will no longer feel separate and alone. You will never feel lonely again.

And, if and when you do feel loneliness again, you’ll know  how to simply change your thinking or find the source, which may be a belief, and fix it.

Therefore, the secret to overcoming loneliness is to consciously change your thinking and beliefs that you are separate to thoughts and beliefs that you are connected.

Simple enough, huh?

Thoughts of Separation

Now that you know why you feel loneliness, you need to be able to recognize thoughts of separation.

Let me say first, you’ll get better at this with practice. It will become easy and effortless. 

The more obvious thoughts and beliefs that cause division and separation are race, nationalism and ideologies.

If you have strong race, nation or ideological beliefs you will likely never want to be alone. And, if you are alone you’ll surely want the TV or radio on. 

Any thoughts and beliefs about being different cause division, separation and a feeling of being alone. Examples include, “I’m better than you because XYZ”, “Everyone else is good at XYX”, etc. They cause separation.

Surprisingly to me when I first learned, thoughts and beliefs that you are special also cause a lonely feeling. My mom told me I was special, but I’m not. I’m a unique expression of my source, but I’m not special; or more or less important or different than anyone else. We are all equally important and the same!

Also to note, depending on which thoughts and beliefs and how strongly you are attached to them, will determine how lonely you feel.

The deeper, more attached beliefs will cause you to feel the most lonely, while thoughts that you are special may not even be noticed.

5 Second Mind Hack

So, you are probably thinking “Tell me already, what is the simple 5 second mind hack for overcoming loneliness?”

Now that you know why you feel lonely, I’m sure you want to remove or replace the causes. Seems obvious, no?

First, I recommend tackling your current thoughts (I’ll eventually create a post for how to quickly and easily find and replace negative and disempowering beliefs).

So, here is the simple 5 second mind hack…

Basically, what you will be doing is reprogramming your mind through conscious repetition. This will change some of your beliefs and decrease the chances of you creating the same lonely feelings again.

Anytime you notice yourself thinking a thought of separation, immediately say to yourself; “No, that is not correct (you can use other words like empowering or helpful instead of correct). That thought (or belief) causes separation and I know I am not separate and I am connected to everyone and everything.

The trick is to be aware of your thinking and immediately correct the negative, disempowering, unhelpful, unwanted thoughts.

Overcome Any Unwanted Emotion

You can use this technique, not just to overcome loneliness, but to overcome any and every negative, low vibrational emotion you don’t want to feel.

Remove and replace all your negative, disempowering, self-defeating, unnecessary thoughts and beliefs and you will feel divine.

Also notable, you should talk to yourself kindly and lovingly. For most effectiveness, talk to yourself like you would to a child; with forgiveness and without judgement.

Additionally; the entity, for lack of a better word, who is noticing your thoughts and beliefs, that is your essential self. That is who you truly are. And as you become greater and greater, you will, hopefully, take control of your mind totally and be the master.

That is what you are ultimately working towards; self-mastery, authenticity and fulfilling your true purpose and potential.

That is what happens when you master your mind…

How to Accelerate Your Results

If you’d like to accelerate your results, you have two options:

  1. Make conscious your subconscious. You may have powerful subconscious beliefs that are sabotaging your conscious efforts. Meditation is a great tool for this. Simply go inside, find what you believe and then change it to a more empowering belief (I will soon be writing a more detailed post, so stay tuned).
  2. Get personalized support and coaching. Everything above is doable by everybody but personal support and coaching can accelerate your results dramatically. It’s also really nice, and convenient to have someone to get you through and over the tough spots.

So, if you want accelerated results for overcoming loneliness and other negative emotions, to know your essential self or to find and live your best life of purpose and fulfillment while experiencing divine feelings, simply apply for coaching.

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