Improve Your Wishing

When you wish for something, you are unknowingly reinforcing not having what you want.

Improve Your WishingYou are reinforcing the “lack” and increasing the likelihood of not attracting it into your life..

Instead of wishing for something, envision yourself already having that which you want.

See yourself enjoying it.

Use all of your senses and make it as real as possible. Feel the gratitude, especially.

When you are finished, ask for this or something better to unfold.

What you want will come to you much easier and faster.

If you are tired of not having the things and life you want, read my Greater Powered Blueprint, It’s a short, free report that explains how to get your dream life.

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William Cassidy

About William Cassidy

William Cassidy is an Easy Living and Mindset Coach, Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Jackass who specializes in self and life mastery.

Bill helps those seeking better and/or more self realize, master their minds and consciously create their best, happy, healthy, fulfilling dream life of ease, joy and abundance by leveraging proven self mastery and manifestation techniques.

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