First Bike Camping Overnight at Walmart’s Parking Lot

First Bike Camping Overnight at Walmart's Parking Lot

So, my first bike camping overnight at Walmart’s parking lot in Fallston, MD was a moderate success.

Kevin dropped me off (Thanks Kevin!) and I set my self up for the first time.

I ate my last half of my last meal before the pedaling starts. Bonnie and Kevin got me a Hoagie and a Cheesesteak  because they love me and I won’t be having either for a while. At least not good Philly ones.

I was excited for my trip.  It was noisy with people walking around and hanging by their cars until late. Or should I say; early.

I didn’t sleep well. My guess is the fact that it was my first night in it on the road had something to do with it too.

If you are wondering how I found that I could stay in Walmart’s parking lot, I used AllStays

AllStays is a membership website that has a database of places, primarily for RVers but useful for me as a bike camper, to safely park overnight. It includes camprounds, hotels and truck stops. You can use its map feature so you can easily find Walmarts, Home Depots, Lowes, Cracker Barrels, etc. It also offers a few extras like where you can dump water and sewage, refill propane and my favorite: ghost towns. 

One of its best features is it allows users to update the database with current status and reviews. This allows you to have an idea of what you are in for before you choose to stay there. If you are an RVer, no big deal. But as a bike camper, that information can be invaluable in your trip planning.

I bought the pro for about $35. It appears that they do increase their pricing about once a year, so check it out before the next one:

So, overall, not bad for my first bike camping overnight at Walmart’s parking lot.

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