“When You Find What’s Missing and Fix What’s Broken, You Can Have Anything You Want…”


If you want the skills and understanding to:

  • Find what’s missing so that you can know your essential self and true purpose
  • Fix the thoughts, beliefs and convictions that are sabotaging you from experiencing your dream life
  • Eliminate the people, circumstances and experiences that you don’t want in your life so that you can attract the kinds of people, circumstances and experiences that you do want
  • Master your state to eliminate your unwanted feelings so that you can feel as you wish, anytime you wish
  • Create a healthy life of happiness, fulfillment and abundance 

Then you are in the right place and I have something for you. If you already have that feeling that this is right for you, take inspired action and click the button below to setup your free personal coaching session and together we’ll create your dream life.


Personal Coaching


Hi There

William CassidyI’m Bill

Mindset Coach & Lifestyle Entrepreneur

I help people grow, prosper and feel “amazing” while realizing their dreams.

If you have ever wanted to live a life of ease, satisfaction and abundance but feel like something’s not quite right or that you’re missing something, then you are in the right place.

With my support you can easily find what’s missing, fix what’s broken and get everything you want out of life. 

And, I’m not talking about superficial sh*t. I’m talking about creating the happy, healthy, fulfilling life you were truly meant to live.


Accelerated Lifestyle Transformation

The Accelerated Lifestyle Transformation Coaching Program is my signature coaching program. We work together to quickly minimize or eliminate that which you don’t want in your life and get that which you do want. If you are stressed, suffering or struggling with anything, then let’s get started.

8 Week

The 8 week program is perfect for you if you need the flexibility to do other things in your life while fixing your life. This is a weekly program where we work on a new problem each week so we continuously make progress towards your goals.



Accelerated Lifestyle Transformation

Transformational Coaching


30 Day

In the 30 Day Intensive we work together daily making progress on your goals. This program is intense but you have constant support whenever you need it. 



Greater Powered Coaching

Greater Powered is my coaching course that is designed specifically to help you develop the skills and understanding to find what’s missing, fix what’s broken and start creating the life you were always meant to live. Unlike my ALT coaching program where we work together to solve your problems and get what you want, in this program you get the knowledge, tools, skills and understanding to do it yourself. Meaning that when you have completed this course, you will have the ability to get what you want and get rid of whatever you don’t and feel amazing while doing it.

12 Week

We meet each week and I’m available anytime to you as we go through all 12 modules. I even throw in an extra month of support to help you leverage your new skills as a bonus.



Personal Growth

Freestyle Coaching

This is my most flexible offer. It’s the perfect option for you to get clarity and direction in your life. Whether you need to find the best solution for a problem, devise a beneficial strategy for the next week or years or want to reverse engineer a big goal, I’m here for you. 

Private Coaching

1 Hour

You can also use this time to get spiritual, mindset or life advice. Ask me anything or use me as a sounding board, it’s all good. Maybe you just want someone to talk to. I’m here for you, so let’s talk.



10 Hour

This is just the 10 hour package with a bulk discounted hourly rate. It’s good for a year from purchase. Use it whenever you need, as you need. Again, you are in control and I’m here for you for whatever you need.



Remote Private Coaching 

“Coaching isn’t therapy. It’s product development, with you as the product.” -Fast Company

What’s Next?

If you read down to here and still aren’t sure about what to do next, let me help you. Click the button below and set up a time for us to talk. There is no obligation. I will help you and if you’d like, maybe I’ll help you some more. 

If you are stressed, suffering or struggling with anything or your life isn’t exactly as you want it, then select the blue button below and let’s get started creating the life of your dreams.