Concentration: The 3rd Step of the 4 Steps of Thinking

The third step of the four steps of thinking is concentration.

Have you ever been yelled at by a parent or other authority figure to “concentrate”?

Has anyone ever taught you how to concentrate or about concentration?

ConcentrationActually, that’s pretty typical.

You’d think someone would have made sure we knew and understand what it is and how to do it before yelling at us.

So, let me clue you to some details about concentration that you were never taught.

And, BTW, the reason I’m pointing out what may seem a bit obvious here is because it becomes critical to understand some of the more subtle points when and if you want to master your mind.

Concentration is when you consciously focus to a single point.

Your thoughts aren’t allowed to move beyond or off of that point. It isn’t thinking or contemplation.

Concentration takes increased consciousness and wastes less energy than freestyle thinking and contemplation.

I’m sure, hopefully, you’ve attempted concentration before?

So, let me quickly summarize the first 3 steps of thinking. Freestyle thinking, as I call it, is unbound, arbitrary, lacks focus and conscious control and wastes energy. Contemplation is consciously focused and constrained by boundaries and wastes less energy than freestyle thinking. Concentration is thought consciously focused to a single point and wastes less energy than freestyle thinking and contemplation. They all, so far, require movement and time.

That leads to the final step of thinking which is actually not thinking. But, I’ll get in to that soon enough…

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In the next post, I’ll discuss the last step of the 4 steps of thinking : meditation

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