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Most Important Thing I Ever Learned Empty Desks

The Most Important Thing I Ever Learned

The most important thing that I ever learned in my life is… First let me narrow it down by saying that It is something I learned from over 20 years of meditation, probably thousands of hours of studying scholars, philosophers, history and religious leaders plus thousands of hours experimenting on myself. I am consciousness. It […]

Helps Prevent the Coronavirus Blues

Prevent Coronavirus Blues With This 5 Minute Fix

Here’s an easy way that helps prevent Coronavirus Blues, relieve stress, minimize struggle and generally make everything in your life better. It’s fun, effective, takes very little time and can greatly improves your health and well being. And, it’s FREE for a limited time: http://5minutemeds.com/

Greater Powered Blueprint

Greater Powered Mass Movement and Mission

My mission is to start and facilitate a mass-movement of greater powered people; and to have fun while I’m doing it.   This is my new announcement and I’m kicking it off with a free report that describes how to leverage the infinite power and intelligence of the universe to help you create your unimaginable dream […]