William Cassidy is a #1 best selling author, Business Strategist and Mindset Coach who helps anyone who wants more, better or easier in their life create their dream life via practical, proven business systems and mind mastery.

William’s background is management, marketing and technology. Bill, as he is mostly called, had many corporate and small business successes before honoring his mission of positively impacting as many people as possible by leveraging his experience and life lessons gained from his meditation practice and personal growth research.

Bill is an avid reader of self help, health, fitness, human potential and peak performance information. He has been meditating for over twenty years and is aware of the plethora of misinformation available to those who are struggling and is convinced others can benefit from his experience.

Recently Bill decided to share his experience including his mistakes, lessons, strategies and techniques for self realization, mind mastery and conscious creation. So, he created:

  • BoldPlayers.com – is where Bill highlights the thinking and accomplishments of some of the most amazing and successful people ever in an attempt to accelerate your success through modeling in short videos.
  • GreaterPowered.com – is where you can access Bill’s 8 week Master Training Course called Greater Powered: The Ultimate Fitness Program for Life when it’s launched (sign up here to be notified). This course is designed to help you transform your life as quickly and easily as possible.
  • WFCassidy.com – is where you can discover what Bill is up to, get private coaching and tons of free tips to help you grow and enjoy being you.

Bill has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and SmallBusinessTrendsetters.com.

He also enjoys family, hiking, tasty food, craft brews, Philly sports and travel.